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What happens after you get tested for COVID-19

Dr. Ramallo 
For El Conquistador 

You have heard from us week after week --- if you don’t feel well, go get tested for COVID-19! It’s very important that we get tested so we can get the care we need and keep those around us safe. But what happens after the test? Where does my information go? And is it safe for me to get tested if I am undocumented? Why are people calling me?

If you test positive for COVID-19, you can expect a few things to happen after the test:

  1. Your doctor will give you instructions about caring for yourself and making sure you are quarantined --- or staying away from others. Listen to your doctor and follow the instructions carefully. You should also call your employer if you are working and tell them you have tested positive. Do not go to work.
    1. Remember: While you wait for your test results, you should act as if it was positive in order to protect others. This means practicing self-isolation and avoiding contact with people that may not have symptoms.
  2. Your information is given to the health department. It is ONLY used to track the virus, learn about the virus, and make sure anyone you’ve been in contact is told. It will NOT be shared with any other people or government organizations. If you are undocumented, it is safe to get tested.
  3. Someone from the health department will call you to talk to you about:
    1. How you are feeling
    2. Your symptoms
    3. Who you may have been in contact with before knowing you were positive and who you are in contact with now
  4. If you have been in contact with others, the health department will call those people as well. They will not share your name or anything about you.

Getting a test is the best thing you can do for your family and yourself if you are feeling sick. It is also important to talk with people from the health department about who you have been in contact with when they call you. This is how we protect others and stop it from spreading in the community. Your information and your status is safe.

If you have any questions, or think you need a COVID-19 test, call Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers at 414-672-1353. Sixteenth Street offers COVID-19 testing and care, in addition to general medical care, behavioral health care, social services, and more. All people are welcome --- no immigration, cost, or insurance restrictions.






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