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Physical Therapy Services


  • Lower extremity (LE) and Spinal Fractures
  • LE strains and sprains
  • Spinal strain and sprains
  • Chronic and acute injuries- falls/MVAs
  • Weakness from inactivity/immobilization
  • Arthritis
  • LE Nerve Injuries/compressions
  • Strokes
  • Work related injuries


  • Education about proper body mechanics and correct posture
  • Recommendations for splinting and assistive devices
  • Healthy exercise guidelines to decrease future acute and chronic pain flare-ups
  • Home exercise programs
  • Job modification for increased safety and pain reduction
  • Home modifications for assistive devices and equipment

Medical care:

  • Work with nursing and medical staff to decrease patient pain after accidents and injuries
  • Ensure safety in the home and work setting with appropriate weight restrictions
  • Work with providers to optimize aerobic capacity and strength in patients
  • Recommend doctors order additional diagnostic testing
  • Focus on muscle stretching and muscle relaxation after an injury
  • Work with Social Services to increase access to adequate health insurance

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