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Don't miss our Summer Walking and Biking Clubs

Get moving outside with your family this summer.

Healthy Choices offers two different walking and biking clubs that are family friendly and take place in local green spaces.

Join us every Saturday to walk or bike on the Hank Aaron State Trail and every Tuesday for walking and Zumba.

Through family education and community advocacy, Healthy Choices strives to improve the nutrition and physical activity environment for adults and children in Milwaukee’s Southside, so they can enjoy a healthier life.

The Family Education Program aims to educate and inspire families, adults and children to develop healthier eating and physical activity habits, so they can enjoy a happier life. This comprehensive program engages the whole family for 12 weeks where participants learn and practice good nutrition, stress management techniques, healthy cooking and physical activity.  In addition to being bilingual, the program takes a cultural competence approach which ensures that families can effectively connect the information they receive with their personal lives, values, experiences and traditions.

This program is one of the only family programs in the country that works with the whole family, but splits the majority of the educational sessions into four separate age groups; adults, teens and two groups of children. By doing so, each family member receives the same information, but in a format appropriate to their age and language of preference. This approach has shown to be more effective with weight loss and behavioral changes, as well as to increase family support and closeness.

Our Community Advocacy program has been committed to developing and empowering grassroots leaders who can identify the health needs in their community and advocate for meaningful change. Latinos por la Salud was created with the mission of “creating and maintaining a healthy community, expanding education and advocating for access to healthy food and safe physical activity.”

Latinos por la Salud touches thousands of lives in the neighborhood through different community initiatives, from education in schools or churches or creating walking and biking clubs, to advocating for healthier food in grocery stores or safer street policies.

Kids spend most of their day in school where they eat up to 70% of their daily calories and develop lifelong habits. Given the critical role of schools for the physical and mental health of children, our Healthy Schools program offers health education for students and parents and the opportunity to transform the school environment through food policies.

Thanks to a partnership with the Farm to School Program and a collaboration with health promoters from Latinos por la Salud, we can provide:

  • In-class and after-school nutrition and snack preparation lessons to students K-12
  • Culturally appropriate nutrition and cooking classes to parents
  • Hands-on gardening education for students

Bring the family program to your organization.

Based on our 10 years of experience, a toolkit was created to allow organizations and community groups to replicate our model and expand their healthy lifestyles programming.

The traditionally 12-week bilingual model offers hands-on education, tools, and resources needed to make positive and lasting changes around nutrition, physical activity, stress management and healthy cooking. If 12 weeks doesn’t work for you, or you want to focus on one specific topic or session, we can tailor the program to fit your needs. The resources provided in the training and toolkit are designed to be implemented with any time frame or topic focus.

Interested? Call 414-897-5187

Health Equity Summit:
Empower a Healthier Milwaukee



We’ve made the difficult decision to cancel our rescheduled 2020 Health Equity Summit; Empower a Healthier Milwaukee due to COVID-19 related precautions and restrictions around large gatherings. We appreciate your interest and are disappointed that it will not take place as planned.
We will be holding a Health Equity Summit in the spring of 2021 that will include the previously planned conversation on empowerment along with other dynamic topics under the broader umbrella of health equity innovation. Although we plan to hold the 2021 Summit in person, we acknowledge the significant uncertainties we face and are prepared to adapt quickly if needed.


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