My Sixteenth Street Story | Sarah

Care from a distance that feels at home

[Name changed for privacy purposes]

I moved to Palmyra from Illinois and found Dr. Bhat at Sixteenth Street – Waukesha when I was searching for a doctor. There’s not much around my area so it was hard to find a clinic, even Sixteenth Street – Waukesha is 35 minutes from my house. I began seeing Dr. Bhat and loved her. She is so helpful and always has information for me about different questions I have. After going to her for quite some time, I talked to her about wanting to see someone for mental health and managing my medication. She gave me a referral (this was before Ricardo was at Sixteenth Street), but I didn’t use it. It was even further away and I just decided to wait. It was hard. I needed someone, but I just couldn’t make the distances work. Then when I called one day for an appointment, they let me know that Ricardo Broach PMHNP-BC, APNP, was now with Sixteenth Street – Waukesha and open to new patients. The next time I was at the clinic I walked over to the other side (not the medical side) to ask questions about counseling and medication. Dr. Bhat suggested I see Ricardo to get my medication under control.

Ricardo has been fantastic. I’ve seen a lot of different psychiatrists for all sorts of things, in addition to dealing with medications, and they barely give you 5 minutes. In my experience, they ask the least amount of questions, prescribe your medication and then you’re on your way. With Ricardo I was really surprised. He was in no rush to get me out the door. Ricardo asks about me personally and got to know my family members. He even asks about them by name – it’s been wonderful. Since starting to see Ricardo I am so much better. I have more energy. I used to have anxiety about going into stores and we’ve been able to work past that. Ricardo took the information I was giving him, along with differences my family noticed that I didn’t, to adjust my medication and help me get to a better place.

Ricardo and I meet over a video connection, or “Telehealth” connection. Now, I hadn’t heard of it before and it seemed different, but right away I realized it was really no different than any other appointment. I am in the room and Ricardo is on a screen right in front me. He can see if I’m rubbing my hands in nervousness. He sees all the details as if he were here, and I see him. I can’t think of anything to make it better. The room is comfortable and calming, and Ricardo is set back so we can see each other at a perfect difference. I would recommend a telehealth meeting for everyone. It’s the same as meeting in person, if not better.

Often, I will also see my other providers that same day as well. It’s quite convenient to have both my medical and mental health care in the same place. The clinic is great and works with me to coordinate my appointments so I can see my therapist, Ricardo and often Dr. Bhat, all in one trip.

It’s been a great experience at Sixteenth Street – Waukesha, I am very happy with every aspect of my care.