Make Memories and Stay Fit

There are few things as tedious as getting the gym bag ready or pulling on those sneakers for a boring run through the neighborhood. The first few times may be a breeze, but the novelty soon wears off and it’s back to just being exercise again. Two of the biggest factors that cause health and fitness resolutions to fly out the window are boredom and a lack of time. But what if the time spent on health and fitness can be combined with fun events that will forge stronger relationships?

Get the Family Involved

There are a number of initiatives that allow family members to have a great experience together that will gently encourage physical activity. Fishing is a great way to bond and stay active, with the use of a rod and a reel. It has long been a pastime as the need for sustenance soon developed into a hobby. It also includes a fair amount of outdoor activity, especially fly fishing and deep sea charters.

Another activity to consider that ensures everyone remains active without thinking about it as an exercise is cycling. Scenic routes and parks often provide the ideal setting, especially if combined with a delicious picnic meal and park games.

Keep an Eye on the Food Intake

Exercise routines often fail because participants feel sluggish and fatigued. There are two main reasons this happens. The first is a lack of good nutrition and the second is inadequate hydration. By including the whole family in food preparation, each person becomes more aware of good nutrition and which ingredients work well together. Preparing healthy snacks is a good way to start. Furthermore, by including children in the buying process and making them aware of the value of simple yet wholesome ingredients, they will be less inclined to want to snack on empty calories. Make this fun by allowing them to create their own menus and shopping lists.
Finally, hydration can also be a fun event. Instead of relying on sugary and fizzy drinks, consider adding a few fruit slices and herbs to drinking water to take off the edge. It also looks fun and inviting, which makes it a little easier for children to drink. Homemade ice tea with natural, healthy sweeteners and fresh fruit is always a winner and tastes great at a picnic.

Authored by: Jess Walter, Health and Wellness Writer

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