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Two out of three adults, and one out of three children under the age of 5 are either overweight or obese in the United States.

Obesity among children and adolescents has more than tripled over the past 30 years, and it has quadrupled for children 6-11. Latino kids/teens are the most obese and overweight kids from all the ethnic and age groups and they are projected to be 35% of the youth population by 2050.

Children who are obese or overweight can become obese adults, develop heart disease and/or diabetes and struggle with self-esteem and social stigma.



Through family education and community advocacy, Healthy Choices strives to improve the home and neighborhood environment for adults and children in Milwaukee’s Southside, so they can enjoy a healthier life.

Family Education Program | transforming the home environment

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  • Join us for 12 weeks with your family (we accept kids 4 and up)
  • We offer practical classes in nutrition, healthy cooking, physical activity and stress management
  • Everyone in your family receives cultural, language and age appropriate education

This is the first generation in which many parents will outlive their children! 

Community Advocacy Program | developing leaders, transforming communities

Healthy Choices is committed to developing community leaders and health promoters who can identify the health needs in their community and advocate for meaningful change to resolve those issues.

“Latinos por la Salud” community group works with grocery stores, schools, neighborhood associations and churches to create or expand nutrition education and physical activity options in the neighborhood such as:

  • Walking and Exercise Clubs
  • Bicycle Club
  • Nutrition and Cooking education for adults
  • Food demonstrations at community events

Healthy Latino Schools Initiative

With the goal of expanding healthy food choices in the most critical places for children, and thanks to a partnership with the Farm to School AmeriCorps Program, Healthy Choices is launching in 2015 the Healthy Latino School Initiative (HLSI).

Eight predominantly Latino local schools will be able to:

  • Receive nutrition and cooking education for students and parents
  • Include local fruits and vegetables in their food menu
  • Connect students with farms and farmers
  • Create or maintain a school garden
  • Develop and implement healthy foods policies to improve the school food environment


Chavez Location
Office 208 & 209
1032 S. Cesar E. Chavez Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53204

Phone number:

Contact Tatiana Maida at (414) 897-5187 or tatiana.maida@sschc,org for more information.

“We were not a very united family but after this program everything changed (at home). We are very united with the children and with my husband. My husband had the glucose levels in 300 or 400 and since we started this program his glucose is in 89 or 90; my cholesterol came down completely and my son has no more spots in the face”.

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Supported by a grant from the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation.