leadership collage 12.2015

Sixteenth Street has a long history of exemplary leadership, both from our board of directors and internal executive team.  We are extremely fortunate to have a strong and dedicated leadership that continues to put Sixteenth Street in a place to serve our community.

Leadership Team

Sixteenth Street is fortunate to have an experienced, strong internal leadership; our Executive Team.  The “E Team” implements the initiatives and decisions set forth by the board while leading and overseeing all aspects of the agency.  E Team manages daily operations, fosters a creative and innovative environment and continues to lead the agency towards growth and greater impact in the lives our patients.

Board of Directors

As a Community Health Center, Sixteenth Street is required to have half of the members of the Board of Directors be users of the services of the Center. At each monthly Board meeting, the insights of the consumer members provide valuable perspective on the importance of maintaining the highest quality of care. Other Board members are asked to serve because of their relationship with private sector entities or community organizations that relate to the work that we do.