To improve the health and well-being of Milwaukee and surrounding communities, by providing quality, patient-centered, family-based health care, health education and social services, free from linguistic, cultural and economic barriers.


Sixteenth Street has the unique expertise, knowledge and skills to provide quality health care to underserved populations.  In support of our mission, and with the desire to leverage our unique capabilities, we will expand to serve additional underserved patients.  We will partner with appropriate resources to provide a broad range of services to our community.  We strive to provide an excellent workplace for our employees, reflecting the value our employees bring to the organization.

Core Values

Human Dignity
Respect for Our Patients and for Each Other
Access to Quality Health Care for All People
Adaptability in a Changing Environment
Inherent Value of Diverse Cultures
Responsible Stewardship of Our Resources
Patient Focused

Strategic Goals

1.  Growth – Aggressively pursue due diligence for expansion opportunities.
2.  People – Strengthen employees’ engagement to achieve vision and strategic direction.
3.  Service – Strive to provide excellent customer service to all our clients.
4.  Quality – Improve quality to ensure long-term sustainability.
5.  Finance – Maximize financial strength to optimize financial success.