My Sixteenth Street Story | James

“I think sometimes people with Diabetes don’t realize they can get up, get out and be just as active – live a full life. And you can. It doesn’t end with Diabetes.”

I’ve been seeing Dr. Broeren since before she started working here. I’m comfortable. She’s knows me well. She actually reminds me of my daughter, because she’s always checking on me. I followed her to Sixteenth Street and it has been a fantastic experience. Everybody is phenomenal. Attitude, personality, courteousness – exceptional.

Apart from Dr. Broeren, I also see Eida (Diabetes Nurse Educator) and Georgene (Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator). I was diagnosed with Diabetes over twenty years ago – but I’ve only been seeing Eida and Georgene for the last couple years. I spent years not paying much attention to my Diabetes. I wasn’t managing at all. Then a few years ago, Dr. Broeren and I talked and decided I should see Eida and Georgene. I needed to eat better, get more familiar with Diabetes and start to take control.

Georgene and Eida help me balance everything. Georgene helps with diet and food, and Eida with that and insulin. When I talk with one, I usually talk with the other. That way they are both on the same page telling you what to do, making sure you get on top of things and into a good routine. I think a lot of us get away from managing ourselves because we get into a bad routine or get frustrated with the consistent day to day. I know I find myself deviating sometimes, like I have been these last two months – I’ve felt off, out of whack.

When I feel like this – bad, or off the wagon – I think, I’ve got to talk to somebody. So, I call Dr. Broeren and Eida or Georgene, and I come in because I know they’ll get me back on course. Eida and Georgene are so informative, I love them. They take the time to sit with you, work with you and explain everything to you. I think if more people had that kind of resource, they would do better. Every time I come in at the end of an appointment, Eida asks me, “Now, how much in the morning?” “And how much insulin before bed?” Then she gives me the information written even after checking. So many things are going through your head when you’re talking with your doctor – you can forget. And I’m forgetting more and more. What I like most, is when they help you and remind you, they have such a nice attitude about it. I’ve never been there with Eida, Georgene or Dr. Broeren and not gotten the information or help I needed. It’s always first and foremost. And I’ve never gotten information I can’t use. They are beautiful people with beautiful personalities. And so informative and helpful to me.

I think sometimes people with Diabetes don’t realize they can get up, get out and be just as active – live a full life. And you can. It doesn’t end with Diabetes. I’m not going to lie, at first, I thought it was over. But now I see, as long as I’m managing it and taking care of it, I can do what I want. I can go where I want to go and be who I want to be. And that’s what I’m doing.

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