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New Year New Habits-getting a healthy start with your kids

Joe Liverseed - Healthy Choices Program
January 30, 2019


For parents, the new year brings new opportunities to reconnect with and engage our children in fun and exciting ways. Whether that look like finding new hobbies to explore, encouraging your child’s academic achievement or simply spending more quality time together as a family, the next eleven months of 2020 will offer plenty of opportunities to develop some new habits that will bring you and your family closer together. Be courageous and try one of the four suggestions listed below!


  1. Bring your children into the kitchen! Kids are eager and curious to learn more about cooking and this is a fantastic time to connect, teach them special family recipes and talk a little bit about healthy food choices. Let them make mistakes and take the lead- it’s about the process more than the results.
  2. Give your kids the chance to pick one new hobby to explore this year. Maybe it’s a new sport, outdoor activity, club or instrument. Research options together with your child and take an active interest in what they choose. Prepare yourself to make a commitment to supporting them and encouraging them to keep with it.
  3. Focus on transition times. In between activities or events, use the short time to play a game, take a walk or do some jumping jacks. For example, after dinner and before dishes engage your kids in a word game around the table. Transition activities help children regain focus and move on to what’s next with less disruptions.
  4. SLOW DOWN! Way too often we find ourselves going through our daily routine at warp speed- completely in a blur. Catch yourself and take a moment to put on the breaks. Live in the stillness for a second. After all, beauty occurs at low speeds.


As you begin to live out this new year and decade, challenge yourself to make a renewed commitment to your children, family and community. One small act can change a life.


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