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September 30th, 2019


Being healthy and staying active is part of my family's lifestyle. I am an athlete from Venezuela, and although I love running marathons and triathlons, I am the most passionate about motivating others to live a healthier and happier life no matter their age, weight, or gender. Dr. Waters connected me with Tatiana and Delia of the Healthy Choices Department, and we talked about my physical activity program that I taught in Venezuela and Mexico.

I was eager to contribute to the Healthy Choices Department. In Venezuela, I had physical activity programs that I then took to Cancun for a year. The idea was to share a new culture and different techniques. Although Zumba is very popular here in the United States, people sometimes feel intimated to participate because it is very choreographed. Someone new may feel like a fish out of water and sometimes feels too intimated to participate and would rather not do it at all.

In Venezuela, we began to create a technique of inclusion in every activity. Since I am a teacher, the idea was always to have children, and their parents participate together. We focused on games and dance. The dance portion consisted of recreational dance. We named it "Bailo Terapia." It is a dance with the purpose of having fun. We created a fun program called Moviemento por la Vida – which is the program I implement here at the clinic. The idea is for everyone to stay moving and stay active. Through it, we try to peak their interest to jump into other sports and other activities.

The response we have had from the community has been amazing! We excited the activities at Burnham Park till the end of September, and the group is hoping to be able to continue through the fall and winter months. A lot of patients have begun to venture into other forms of exercise - some have started running, biking, and even won medals at different races! Their motivation and excitement have motivated others to take on various forms of exercise outside of our group. I am thankful to be part of this amazing community. I love to see how everyone motivates and takes care of each other, we have become a big family, and that's what it's all about.

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