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Staying Healthy Together as a Family

June 28, 2019

Staying active and healthy has become a part of our everyday life, and Sixteenth Street makes it easy to incorporate healthy habits through their programs and activities.

My family and I really enjoy participating in the classes and fun activities that Sixteenth Street has to offer. When I first moved here from California, I was looking for a clinic that would provide care for my daughters and I in our native language. At the time, my daughters were three and one years old. At the clinic, I benefitted from taking several classes and programs such as breastfeeding, learning how to care for a newborn baby, and the car seat program. Now 20 years later, I enjoy bringing my other two younger daughters to the Healthy Choices Program Classes.

I really enjoy participating in everything that the Healthy Choices Department has to offer. I have participated in the Family Education Program, where I learned about nutrition, healthy cooking, physical activity, and stress management. These classes make healthy living accessible to my daughters and I. What I really enjoyed about the program was learning new exercises that I can do from the comfort of my home. I learned how to do yoga, and most importantly, I learned about the importance of movement and exercising and how it truly does benefit our health not just physically but mentally as well. I also liked that they provided us with education about things that can cause cancer.

Apart from the Family Education Program, I currently participate in the cooking classes. I really enjoy these classes because I learn different healthy recipes that I can prepare for my family at home. My daughter enjoys coming as well and learning how she can make healthy snacks at home. Everything that I have learned, I have applied to my everyday life. We changed the way we eat at home. From eating less bread, greasy food, and eating out at restaurants- the classes have changed our mentality on what we should be eating at every meal. My pantry now has brown rice and pasta, more vegetables; I have removed sugars and unhealthy oils. Through both the Family Education Program and the Cooking Classes, I have learned that it is very affordable to eat healthy. The instructors teach us how to shop at the grocery stores and obtain the best deals. It is easy to make a healthy, delicious dish for my entire family.

My daughters and I also love to stay active. Just this week, we participated in the Walk with the Mayor and the Latinos por La Salud group. We enjoy being part of the Biking & Walking Club as well. My youngest daughter looks forward to Bike Day and has the flyer taped to the fridge. We love that Sixteenth Street has helped us get healthy together as a family but also be part of an amazing community.



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