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Born between 1945 -1965?

People born between 1945-1965 have a higher chance of being infected with Hepatitis C
1 in 30 have Hepatitis C and don't even know it. Ask for a simple blood test. There is a cure.

Ready for your visit?

If it's your first visit, please bring the following to the visit. If it is not the first visit, make sure you let the clinic know if any of the following information has changed.

Have a great appointment!

  • Name and address of previous doctor to get records
  • Vaccination records
  • Medication lists or bottles
  • Date of last medical visit
  • Insurance information

Over 50? Ask your doctor about colorectal cancer screening

Seven out of ten people diagnosed with colorectal cancer have no symptoms. Testing early can save your life. Talk to your doctor today.

Health Equity Summit:
Empower a Healthier Milwaukee



Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns, we made the decision to reschedule Sixteenth Street’s 2020 Health Equity Summit: Empower a Healthier Milwaukee, originally planned for March 31st. As a health care provider and leader, it is our responsibility to set an example of proper prevention behavior, with our priority always being the health and well being of our community and partners.

Our plan is to reschedule the event for September. Keep an eye out for communications from us and we look forward to seeing you then.


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