Behavioral Health

Bh collageAt Sixteenth Street our Behavioral Health providers offer a full range of out-patient mental health services in both Spanish and English.

Our highly qualified staff works with other SSCHC programs, such as the Parenting Resource Center and Social Services, to provide a multi-disciplinary team effort to promote family wellness. These collaborations and efforts give the support and counseling needed to Sixteenth Street patients who suffer from depression, stress, emotional issues and other mental health concerns.

We pride ourselves on our behavioral health integration into primary care.  Three behavioral health providers, of varying degrees, are embedded into the medical pods to be available at any moment to perform a rapid assessment.

Open appointments are also maintained in the behavioral health team’s schedules so that medical teams can immediately refer patients suffering from depression, anxiety, as well as other mental health conditions.  A plan of care is then established and the appropriate referrals are made to ensure patient care is coordinated.

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Department Director – Maria Perez, PhD

Marriage & Family Therapists
Child and Adolescent Day Treatment Program
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Featured Provider

Paula Ortega-Jenna, MS, LMFT

How long have you been with Sixteenth Street?

I have been with the clinic for 5 years in Waukesha. I was at Parkway for 3 years.

What do you love about Sixteenth Street?

I love the opportunity to serve a diverse community in Waukesha, patients from different sociocultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. I absolutely love working with children and families to help them find answers about their children’s behavior.

What is your philosophy of practice?

I view a person’s struggles within the context of their life story and current life situation. I work holistically to address complex problems with physical, social, emotional and behavioral aspects. I work together with the families to assess the root causes of the issues and develop a treatment plan that integrates evidence base approaches.  Our patients deserve the best and I want them to receive that from me.

What is special about the work you do?

What I would consider special about the work I do is the fact that I work with very young children and parents using a relational approach. I have a certificate in Infant Mental Health from UW Madison that provides me the training to delve deeper into the complexities of parent/child relationships.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I am from Chile and I graduated there as a Clinical Psychologist. Once I moved to Wisconsin I have been fortunate to have different opportunities to continue my studies in Psychotherapy. I live in the country and my husband and I have 21 chickens! It is interesting to observe their behaviors and to realize that you can actually train chickens!! But the best is having DELICIOUS fresh eggs!!