Chronic Conditions Health Education 

Get moving with us

Make physical activity fun again.

Our Zumba classes are low impact, full of fun and excitement and at a level that everyone can enjoy! Our movements are easy to follow and if you're not laughing and having fun by the end - we aren't doing our job.

Taking Care of My Health With Joy | I am stronger than my diabetes

Educating patients, families and the community on chronic health condition self-management strategies that empower individuals to maintain healthier lifestyles.

Diabetes | Linkage to Care

We work to prepare and empower patients and their families to make informed decisions about their health. We are committed to providing tools, resources, and support to improve a patient’s ability to self-manage their condition and live a healthier lifestyle.

Asthma Education, Outreach and Support

We base our care on individualized Asthma Action Plans that guide our patients' at-home behavior and medication management while avoiding exacerbation.  Coordinated clinical services, home visits and group and patient education help our patients self-manage their asthma.

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Join the Diabetes Support Group!

Our support group is a fun and safe place where patients with diabetes can be open, share experiences, and get through both struggles and triumphs together!



"When I feel like this – bad, or off the wagon – I think, I’ve got to talk to somebody. So, I call Dr. Broeren and Eida or Georgene, and I come in because I know they’ll get me back on course. Eida and Georgene are so informative, I love them. They take the time to sit with you, work with you and explain everything to you. I think if more people had that kind of resource, they would do better...I think sometimes people with Diabetes don’t realize they can get up, get out and be just as active – live a full life. And you can. It doesn’t end with Diabetes. I’m not going to lie, at first, I thought it was over. But now I see, as long as I’m managing it and taking care of it, I can do what I want. I can go where I want to go and be who I want to be. And that’s what I’m doing."


Patient with Diabetes

2019 Celebrity Roast of Amy and Mike Lovell
Wednesday, November 20th | 5:00 PM | The Pavilion at Discovery World

Don't miss out on a night of laughs and giving to support Sixteenth Street's patients and community. Register today!

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