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The MLHC is working to engage in Community Partnerships that advance the health of the Latino Community and works to advocate on specific health issues impacting the health of the Latino Community. The MLHC Steering Committee is responsible for determining the focus areas for the MLHC based off community input, surveys, and data. The priority areas for the MLHC have included increasing access to Health Coverage, Dental Access, Mental Health, and Healthcare Workforce.

Its critical Latino residents get connected with appropriate insurance coverage and other programs that support health, and to promote effective use of these programs. Lack of    access to health coverage is one of the largest determinants of health for Latinos. Covering Wisconsin offers many resources for how to enroll in coverage. To learn more about health insurance through their free-to-download how-to sheets click here.  

Dental Access is woeful for the Latino Community in Wisconsin. The MLHC supports increased Medicaid reimbursement for dental services and supports bills like the dental therapists’ legislation to increase access to dental care.  

Mental health access and stigma are critically important issues for the Latino Community. The MLHC Mental Health Community Series events are focused on mental health education and awareness for the Latino Community. The MLHC’s focus is on bringing the Latino interest to SWIM and Milwaukee County Mental Health Task Force, ensuring representation on task force for suicide prevention, expanding SCPMH on the southside of Milwaukee, and providing education to Latino Community around importance of accessing services around diseases that carry stigma.

The diversity of the healthcare workforce is key to better health and economic prosperity for the Latino Community. The MLHC works on issues to help ensure the healthcare workforce is more inclusive of Latinos.

Mental Health Action Team

Mental Health Community Series

The Mental Health Action Team holds a number of mental health community series events throughout the year. Past topics have included Dementia: Prevention and Consideration for Mental Health and Burnout and Mindfulness.


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