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Action Teams

The following overarching goals serve to guide Action Teams in their development of their action plans.

  1. Increase involvement of Latino communities in decisions affecting their health.
  2. Confront and alleviate the negative impacts of the social determinants of health (access, immigration, socio-economic status, education, built environment, racism).
  3. Serve as a change agent for policies affecting the health of Latino communities.
  4. Act as a credible navigation resource for Latino health.

Mental Health Action Team (MHAT)

Mental Health Community Series

The Mental Health Action Team holds a number of mental health community series events throughout the year. Past topics have included:

  • Dementia: Prevention and considerations for mental health
  • Trauma: Trauma responsive care; practices, principles, and examples
  • Burnout and Mindfulness Follow-up
  • Children’s Mental Health

Team Goals

  • Advocate for quality and accessibility of mental health services for Latinos.
  • Support and hold accountable the agencies that provide mental health services for Latinos.
  • Reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues.
  • Address the need for more bilingual mental health providers.

Latin@ Research Action Team

The Latin@ Research Group aims to address racial inequity in research by advocating for increased representation of Latin@s and their families in research conducted by universities in the Greater Milwaukee Area. Additionally, the Latin@ Research Group also aims to address gender inequity in higher education by supporting local initiatives that strengthen the educational pipeline for Latin@ students to pursue health related professions.  The Latin@ Research Group also provides advisory services to the MLHC ATs on research methodology and evaluation.

Team Goals

  • Increase Latin@ resident engagement in research carried out by research institutions.
  • Mentor and support bilingual Latin@s to become researchers.
  • Increase the amount and relevance of research being conducted with Latin@s and on Latin@ issues.

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