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16th Street cleaning up Milwaukee’s water supply

16th street water1

Photo Credit: Associated Press

If we’ve learned anything from the crisis in Flint, it’s that we must take the quality of our water infrastructure very seriously.


Milwaukee is rapidly facing the need for an upgrade – and it’s going to be expensive. In an opinion piece, Government must provide clean safe drinking water, State Representative Josh Zepnick discusses where the responsibility should lie – right here in Milwaukee with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MSSD) – and presses on the urgency to bring our system up to national standards.



Zepnick also focuses on the dangerously high lead levels in Milwaukee. This is due to old lead pipes running through residential areas. Milwaukee’s categorization of lead poisoning is also twice as high as the national standard.


Despite pushing for movement fast, Zepnick applauds the local Southside efforts. Key steps are being taken by Sixteenth Street and other local organizations. This includes the Kinnickinnic River cleanup and revitalization, the expansive lead prevention efforts, storm water runoff reduction projects and more.


Want to get involved? Check out the numerous projects and initiatives going on with Sixteenth Street’s Environmental Health Department today!