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Nutrition Tips

3 Small Diet Changes For Big Health Results

You don’t always need to make big changes to get big results. Sometimes making some key small changes can be just as powerful! 1. Soda, So Don’t There may not be a magic pill to help you to lose 15 pounds – but giving up soda is about as close as you can get to…

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Want your children to eat healthy? Try these tips!

Take your children grocery shopping. I know this sounds like a disaster, but with a little pre-planning and some basic ground rules. It will not just work out, you can turn it into a huge success. Start by planning your meals (I use the USDA My Plate as a guide). Get your kids involved at…

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To D or Not to D?

My (Valerie’s) Grandpa came to the United States from Norway, a country that is even farther north than Wisconsin! It is called “The Land of the Midnight Sun” because in June the sun doesn’t set. It is light, even at midnight!  They receive lots of sunshine in the summer, but the reverse happens in the…

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Eat with your family!

Scientific studies have shown that when we eat together as families, we lower the risk of being overweight, we limit junk food and we eat healthier. Family meals are a very valuable time; it’s when the family comes together. We tell each other how our day went, we joke, we talk about series issues and…

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Is Your Plate Half Full?

As a WIC dietitian, I spend my days working with caregivers that want to make healthy meals for their families.  As a mother, I share this mission.  Most of us know that we should eat vegetables – the USDA guidelines for healthy eating, aka My Plate, shows us that half of our plate should be…

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