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Community Health

Let’s talk about the Flu Shot!

Last winter 7,514 people were hospitalized by the influenza virus in the state of Wisconsin (1) and 379 people died. This year, we’ve already suffered the first death of a child in Florida. The highest risk exists for young children, older people, and anyone with a chronic disease with low immunity (diabetes, asthma, etc.). Getting…

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Breastfeeding Peer Counselor 101

In honor of national breastfeeding week, we thought it was high time to catch up with Sixteenth Street WIC’s Breastfeeding (BF) Peer Counselor, Aracelis, and get the low down on breastfeeding peer counseling and all the wonderful things she’s experiencing with moms. What is a BV Peer Counselor? A breastfeeding peer counselor is a fellow…

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Breaking Down HIV Stigma

There are 1.2 million people living with HIV in the United States. There are still many people, 1 in 7, that do not know their HIV status. Due to stigma around HIV, many people who are at high risk, do not go and get tested. It is time to break down those stigmas associated around…

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Why Care About Our Rivers?

You’re back in high school, sitting at your desk. The teacher is handing back tests, and you’re dreading the moment she reaches you. You close your eyes tightly as you hear the papers plop onto your desk. Slowly, you open one eye, then the other. A big, red “F” comes into focus. There it is,…

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