My care at every point in my life

Sixteenth Street has been there for my family and me through the different stages of our lives. As a child, I saw Dr. John Dunn. During my pregnancies, I saw Dr. Pati Cabral, and now my two daughters see Dr. Molly Cousin as their pediatrician. My family and I first came to Milwaukee from Veracruz when I was 4. We have been a Sixteenth Street family since our move here. Till this day, my parents come to the clinic for their check-ups. As a child, I loved coming to the clinic for our check-ups. I have very fond memories of Dr. Dunn, who after 24 years of caring for us, has become a part of our family. He has cared for myself and my brother and currently still cares for my youngest brother. If Dr. Dunn sees us outside of the clinic, he always greets us with a smile and asks us how we are doing, and that is what I love about the clinic, the sense of family and confianza-trust.

Thankfully, we have always been pretty healthy. In 2011, my husband joined the Marines, and we moved to California. We moved back to Milwaukee a year later as I was pregnant with my first daughter. As a first-time mother, I had so many questions- I felt nervous and scared at this new stage in my life, I was going to be a mother. Although there were many options, I entrusted Sixteenth Street with my pregnancy. Dr. Cabral made my pregnancy so easy and what I loved the most was that I felt comfortable asking questions- big and small ones, even the ones I thought were silly.

My daughters now five and three love coming to the clinic. Dr. Cousin has been their pediatrician since birth, and she is so attentive, kind and always has a smile. I love that even though when the girls are up to date with check-ups and vaccines, they still call to see how they are doing. Or if one is sick and has an appointment, Dr. Cousin always asks about the other- we feel that we are more than just patients, we feel like we are part of an amazing family and community.

My family and I are proud to be a Sixteenth Street family. We are grateful for their care, kindness, and confianza throughout all the years. I am proud to say that I was a patient as a child and now I get to bring my children here.

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