My Sixteenth Street Story | Irma & Rosa

“The secret to my mother’s stability with her type 2 diabetes for the past 40 years has been living in a healthy routine every single day.”

My mother has been living with type 2 diabetes for the past 40 years and not once has she had a complication. At the age of 74, she is in the best shape of her life, and it is thanks to the healthy lifestyle she maintains. Every day starts at 4 am. My mother and I head to the gym until about 6 am. We come back home to make breakfast for ourselves and my children, and then I go to work, and my mom loves to stay active by cooking, reading and keeping up with daily home tasks. On Mondays, we come to the Healthy Choices Department’s class to learn about nutrition.

Sixteenth Street Clinic has played an essential role in helping us maintain a healthy lifestyle. When we first arrived to Wisconsin, Sixteenth Street was the only clinic offering health care to people like us. We have now been a patient and a member of Sixteenth Street community for the past 30 years. The clinic has helped us maintain a healthy lifestyle through the different programs it offers. From pre-natal classes for myself when I was going through my pregnancies, to the diabetes support group for my mom, we both feel supported and cared for. We both enjoy coming to the different classes and learning and applying new things to our lives. It is also very nice to meet other people from our community.

Although I do not have diabetes, I did have diabetes during one of my pregnancies. My mother’s health routine has also become mine. We hold each other accountable, and we encourage and support one another every day-even the days when one of us doesn’t feel like going to the gym. We balance our active lifestyle with a well-balanced diet. We both made significant changes in our nutrition. Coming to classes has taught us how to cook healthier and eat cleaner. We enjoy the Healthy Choice’s classes because we learn different exercises how to continue to maintain a healthy home routine. I want to learn more about nutrition – how to cook, how to eat healthy and Sixteenth Street provides us with those resources.

Sixteenth Street has a special place in our hearts. One of my fondest memories of the clinic was back when I was pregnant. I heard knocking at my door, and to my surprise, it was staff from Sixteenth Street with a crib for my baby. I used to love coming to the pre-natal classes. They used to take us on field trips to the grocery stores and teach us about different healthy food options. I really love it here because we have always been treated with care and everyone is kind and friendly. They have always been there for my mom and I when we need it the most, and we are thanks to them we are able to live a healthy balanced lifestyle.

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