My Sixteenth Street Story | Behavioral Health Support Group

You will find us here [at Sixteenth Street] every Friday afternoon. We have been together for too many years to count. We actually started at a different location years and years ago – but continued the group once we all moved here to Sixteenth Street. The group began because many of us were depressed from different things we had been through. Dr. Ruvalcaba referred most of us here. He thought it would be good for us to come together and share. It turned out to be the start of something special that would last for a long time.

At first there was a provider with us every week. It was much more focused on their feedback and talking through things with the provider as a group. As we grew and got to know each other, it has taken a slightly different shape. We now only meet with a provider, Cynthia or Gabriela, once every few weeks, or even once a month. Those times are still so valuable to us. We get to talk about specific topics and they help and guides us by asking questions and offering suggestions for us to work through or carry out. We love those times together.

When the provider is not with us, which is most of our time, we simply share each other’s company and support each other in any way that is needed that day. We have become more than friends. We are family. We talk about our lives and what’s going on. It is a space for us to listen, share and support each other. We are here to help each other and it’s comfortable because we know each other so well. There has never been a misunderstanding. It is a safe and judgement free space.

We also do other things to take our mind off issues and focus on fun! One of our group members is always coming up with great projects and crafts. We love doing these projects and have made beautiful things. It’s a wonderful way to disconnect and create at the same time.

On days that we don’t do crafts, we play games or share food. We are always doing something. It’s a wonderful helpful way to spend time and feel good.

We welcome anyone to our group to share in our support, care, projects and fun. You won’t regret it!

**The behavioral health support group meets on Friday afternoon from 1:00 – 3:00 PM in Conference Room A at our Chavez Location (1032 S Cesar Chavez Drive, Milwaukee)

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