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Meet Ever Gonzalez, Sixteenth Street Patient

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Meet Rose Luis, Sixteenth Street Patient

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Meet Luis Ramos, Sixteenth Street Patient

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Meet Cecilia, Sixteenth Street Patient with Diabetes

“I have been a patient with Dr. Cabral at Sixteenth Street for many years. Last February everything changed when she told me I had diabetes. Even though Dr. Cabral told me I was pre-diabetic at an earlier appointment, it still came as a shock. I felt devastated. I was sad and scared and didn’t know what I was going to do. I have a lot of friends and family with diabetes, some of my family has passed and some of my friends were given pills and sent home. Then Dr. Cabral told me, “don’t worry – here we do everything we can to help you, we work really well with people with diabetes here.” After hearing that, I felt ok. I felt reassured.She then sent me right from there directly to see Alba, a diabetes education specialist. Alba explained everything to me. She told me what was happening with my body, how to use the machine to test my blood sugar and how my diet would have to change. Alba said I had to lose 10 pounds. I couldn’t believe it, it seemed impossible…” CONTINUE READING

Meet Sarah, Sixteenth Street-Waukesha Telehealth Patient

[Name is changed for privacy purposes]

“I moved to Palmyra from Illinois and found Dr. Bhat at Sixteenth Street – Waukesha when I was searching for a doctor. There’s not much around my area so it was hard to find a clinic, even Sixteenth Street – Waukesha is 35 minutes from my house. I began seeing Dr. Bhat and loved her. She is so helpful and always has information for me about different questions I have. After going to her for quite some time, I talked to her about wanting to see someone for mental health and managing my medication. She gave me a referral (this was before Ricardo was at Sixteenth Street), but I didn’t use it. It was even further away and I just decided to wait. It was hard. I needed someone, but I just couldn’t make the distances work. Then when I called one day for an appointment, they let me know that Ricardo Broach PMHNP-BC, APNP, was now with Sixteenth Street – Waukesha and open to new patients. The next time I was at the clinic I walked over to the other side (not the medical side) to ask questions about counseling and medication. Dr. Bhat suggested I see Ricardo to get my medication under control.

Meet Jimena, Sixteenth Street Patient with Asthma

Gerardo Jimenez, Asthma Education Specialist

“Through our daughters, we have essentially lived with asthma for 17 years. Our oldest daughter, Gabriela, was born premature and with asthma, she is 17 now. Our youngest daughter, Jimena, who is now 15, was also born with asthma. In addition to having asthma, Jimena has autism and a heart condition.

It’s really difficult for your child to be given a diagnosis like asthma. You think, asthma, wow, this is for her entire life. It can feel defeating and overwhelming. But you have to know, as we have figured out, that with the right help, patience and understanding – it is controllable.Sixteenth Street was so crucial to ours and Jimena’s journey with asthma…” CONTINUE READING

Meet John, Sixteenth Street Patient with HIV

[Name is changed for privacy purposes]

MariCarmen Saavedra-Retzlaff, HIV Linkage to Care Specialist, Sixteenth Street

“I met Rachel (HIV Nurse Case Manager, Sixteenth Street) and MariCarmen (HIV Linkage to Care Specialist, Sixteenth Street) at the hospital. They came to see me about a month after I was told I had HIV. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here right now.

After six months of having terrible headaches, my body couldn’t handle it anymore and went into a coma. I found myself in the hospital not knowing what happened or where I was. When I woke, I was told I had emergency brain surgery and I would need a second surgery. I was also told I had HIV.

The news was given to me in a cold way. There was little compassion and it left me depressed, traumatized and scared. I was afraid of having physical signs – I thought it was better to die. I spent a month in the hospital that way.

Then MariCarmen and Rachel came to visit me. They sat with me and explained everything that was happening to me and my body with HIV. They helped me understand what it was and what we can do it about it. MariCarmen and Rachel told me about the doctors and support there is for me at Sixteenth Street and how new medications allow us to live long, normal lives now. They gave me hope…” CONTINUE READING