Women’s Wellness

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Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers employs a multi-disciplinary team, including RN Case Managers, perinatal outreach workers/lactation counselors, and Pediatric Care Coordinators to improve the health of maternity patients, their newborns, and all pediatric patients.

Supportive case management and/or educational services are considered best practice and essential to prenatal and pediatric care and thus will be provided to all Sixteenth Street obstetrical and pediatric patients regardless of income level, insurance coverage, or ability to pay.

Programs Available for OB Patients

Providing prenatal care as early in the pregnancy as possible, ensuring that these patients receive early and continuous prenatal care services, as well as individual psycho social support and services. READ MORE

  • OBMH – Improving birth outcomes among high-risk women and their newborn.

Intense case-management care for specific high-risk patients.  Recipients include T-19 HMO patients that have some high risk conditions such as: African-american, less than 18 years of age, having a chronic disease, homelessness, a difficult OB history, or starting care with us before 16 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Prenatal Classes

One hour class that discusses skills for staying calm, childbirth practices, birth plans, breastfeeding, and newborn care while in the hospital.

  • Breastfeeding classes

One hour class that covers the benefits of breast milk and breast feeding for baby and mom, latching on, myths about breast feeding and breast milk, what to expect when breastfeeding, and any other questions moms may have.

Programs Available for Pediatric Patients

Helping families raise healthy children, improve family functioning and parenting skills, create positive parenting outcomes and encourage planned pregnancies. READ MORE

  • Special Needs

Facilitates medical and non-medical services for children with medical complexity due to multiple chronic conditions

  • Care4Kids

Facilitates comprehensive and coordinated health care for children in out-of-home care with their primary health physician.

  • Lactation Support

Programs for All Adult Women Patients

  • Abnormal Pap and Mammogram Follow-up

An abnormal Pap is followed up by RN. Her job is to track results, schedule further diagnostic workup, treatment with the in-house gynecologic consultants, refer out, and maintain database for continued surveillance. This RN maintains currency in Pap follow-up guidelines ensuring that appropriate and consistent care is provided.

  • Natural Family Planning (NFP)

Patients can receive NFP classes by referral from their primary care provider or as an update session for NFP users.  Classes are individual or as a couple.  They are given as a birth control method or in an effort to achieve pregnancy.

Classes are available to all Sixteenth Street patients free of charge.

Contact Information:

(414) 672 1353

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1032 S. Cesar E. Chavez Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53204

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