With 12 Pediatricians and 2 Pediatric Physician Assistants on staff we offer the highest quality care and treatment of infants, children, and adolescents.  With 49% of our patients being under the age of 18, we care for over 18,000 pediatric patients per year.

Additional Services

Pre Natal Care Coordination (PNCC): Improving birth outcomes among high-risk women. Our objective is to perform early pregnancy tests and provide continuous prenatal care services ranging from psycho social support to health and nutrition education. All women also receive assistance in accessing and obtaining additionally needed services and are referred to available community services when appropriate. Run through our Women’s Wellness Department.

Child Care Coordination (CCC): Supporting families’ efforts to raise healthy children. Our objective is to help families raise healthy children, improve family functioning and parenting skills, create positive parenting outcomes and encourage planned pregnancies. Our services do NOT end until it is determined they are no longer needed allowing families control over the modification of their plan.

Bebes Sociales | Social Babies: Innovative group model of care. Bebes Sociales is a group well child visit program. It consists of both one-on-one time with the provider for physical examination as well as group time to discuss a variety of topics and concerns.

Vaccinations: Sixteenth Street offers vaccination for all children. At Sixteenth Street 89% of children under age three are vaccinated.

Provider Directory

Department Director-Emilia Arana, MD

Chavez Location

John Dunn, MD
Eleanor Eichman, MD
Francisco Enriquez, MD
Alina Huang, MD
Alisen Huske, MD
Katie Nunez, APNP, CPNP
David Waters, MD

20th Street Location


Note: All Providers are always open to newborns