medicalcollageAt Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers we employ fully licensed and board certified doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and certified nurse – midwives.  With a multi-cultural, bilingual staff we pride ourselves on offering high quality, family-based, compassionate care to more than 36,000 individuals each year.

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Medical Director: Pam Wilson, MD

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Dr. John Carroll, M.D.

      How long have you been with Sixteenth Street? 

I began working at Sixteenth Street in 1990. I left the clinic on two occasions, each time for 4 years, to work in other places, once on the Navajo Nation in Arizona where I worked for the Indian Health Service and once in Newfoundland, Canada, where I worked for the provincial health service. Besides doing what Family Practitioners always do, I also worked for 6 years in Urgent Care at Sixteenth Street and really enjoyed it.

What do you love about Sixteenth Street?

I love the time I spend with the patients, and I love the stories they share with me about their lives and their families. I am amazed at the dedication and the compassion of my co-workers, and their laughter carries me through my days. Also, it is very easy at Sixteenth Street to ask another doctor, nurse practitioner/midwife or physician assistant for advice on a patient’s problem — we do that all the time.

What is your philosophy of practice?

To do the best job I can for each person I see. To listen to him or her carefully and respectfully. To speak so that I will be understood. To not only address today’s health issues but to prevent health problems in the future.

 What is special about the work you do?

What I and the other providers do is just the entryway to so many other services that our patients and neighborhoods need: diabetes, behavioral health, social services, WIC, parenting, HIV, the health of our environment and much more. Sixteenth Street is actually a public health center.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Though it started primarily as an organization that served Hispanics, Sixteenth Street has become a place with patients and staff of many backgrounds and cultures. Women play the leading role in most areas of the clinic. As a physician, I am a member of a competent and caring team of professionals, and with that team I can do much more than I could do alone. Who could have imagined that the little storefront clinic I joined in 1990 would become all that?