medicalcollageAt Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers we employ fully licensed and board certified doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and certified nurse – midwives.  With a multi-cultural, bilingual staff we pride ourselves on offering high quality, family-based, compassionate care to more than 36,000 individuals each year.

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Medical Director: Pam Wilson, MD

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Mary Marzano, Physical Therapy Supervisor

      How long have you been with Sixteenth Street?

I have been working at Parkway 16th Street as an employee of the SSCHC full time since 10/1/18 but I started as an APTM employee contract employee back in May of 2007 working about 15 hours per week and gradually building up to 40 hours over the next 1.5 years.  

What do you love about Sixteenth Street?

I really love the diversity of the patients we serve here.  Milwaukee has such a rich diversity of languages and cultures and that is in evidence every day here at the clinic.  I also love working with the younger kids and teens which I did not get to do in my previous practice sites.

What is your philosophy of practice?

My philosophy of practice is to try to get people back to doing what they want and need to do in their family and professional lives.  Maybe it is caring for their kids, maybe it is being a bread winner for their family, or maybe it is doing a sport or craft activity that gives their lives purpose.

What is special about the work you do?

I get to spend about 45 minutes with my patients so I can really get to listen to what is going on in his or her life and what is getting easier or harder because of their injury and pain level.   Because of the extra time with the patient we often can figure out what really caused the pain or is making it worse or better and build a rehab program off of that information.