medicalcollageAt Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers we employ fully licensed and board certified doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and certified nurse – midwives.  With a multi-cultural, bilingual staff we pride ourselves on offering high quality, family-based, compassionate care to more than 36,000 individuals each year.

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Medical Director: Pam Wilson, MD

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Jill Litkowski, CNM

      How long have you been with Sixteenth Street? 

I have been with Sixteenth Street for one year now.  My first day was October 13th, which happened to be a Friday.  A PA, Katie Smith, and I started on the same day and we took it as a good omen instead of a bad one to start on Friday the 13th!

What do you love about Sixteenth Street?

I love the patients at Sixteenth Street.  I have worked in different settings, in different hospitals, and in different states- hands down our patients are the best!  They are caring, kind, patient, and humble…I could go on and on.  They have invited me to baby showers, birthdays; they have given me gifts and even taken pictures with me right after their baby is born!

What is your philosophy of practice?

I’m still working out a philosophy of practice…I’m too new I feel.  But I do want to give great care. I hate to feel rushed when I’m in an exam room with a patient.  I want them to feel I took time with them, I was thorough, and I listened. I want them to know I will be their voice and their advocate, and we’ll get through whatever obstacle life throws our way.  (Is that a philosophy?)

·       What is special about the work you do?

As a Midwife I have the best job in the world!  I get to experience such an intimate and extraordinary moment in the life of my patient.  I get to be the first one to touch and hold that baby once it comes out.  I’m motivating a woman to work hard, I’m holding her hand, I’m at her side and I’m with her emotionally, mentally and physically.  I get to share the highest of highs and sadly, sometimes the lowest of lows with my patients.  I consider it an honor to bear witness to the patient’s experience regardless the outcome.

My fellow Midwives are fierce.  They work unbelievably hard. They stay up late. They sweat, laugh, and cry with our patients. They go above and beyond every day and twice on Sundays.  Karen Lupa, Tracy Herrmann, Lisa Espinosa, Ann Ledbetter, Shauna Leinbach, Karen Stern and Vicki Goodman are true heroes.  Next time you see them hug them, they probably need it.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Lastly a neat old saying about Midwives; “A midwife must possess the hand of a lady, the eyes of a hawk, and the heart of a lion.”