medicalcollageAt Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers we employ fully licensed and board certified doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and certified nurse – midwives.  With a multi-cultural, bilingual staff we pride ourselves on offering high quality, family-based, compassionate care to more than 36,000 individuals each year.

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Maryan Torres, Nurse Practitioner

Maryan Torres, Nurse Practitioner, recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with Sixteenth Street.  Maryan loves that Sixteenth Street takes a holistic approach to medicine. Holistic approach to care for Maryan means as providers, they consider not only patients’ physical needs, but also emotional, social, economic and spiritual needs as well.

Maryan loves working with the patient population at Sixteenth Street. As an immigrant herself, she can relate to the families she serves. It is gratifying to serve the community. Maryan is proud to work for Sixteenth Street and proud of the approach of care for our patients.

Maryan believes in providing compassionate, holistic and evidence-based care that is patient-centered. Her approach to care is founded in the individual, who requires and deserves respect, as well as individualized attention and care. Her patients are not just a room number or medical condition. As a Nicaraguan, a minority and someone who as a child lacked basic medical needs, Maryan wants her patients to not only have access to medical care, but to have the same opportunities, services and resources available to those without barriers.

Maryan was motivated and inspired to become a medical provider by her sibling’s and her own childhood – the struggles they faced to receive access to basic medical care. After graduating with a master’s degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner, her goal was to work with the underserved populations and more specifically, with Sixteenth Street’s Spanish speaking population.

In May, Maryan will graduate as a certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. She will have the opportunity to extend her practice to care for individuals who are suffering with mental health diagnoses. Maryan feels blessed and lucky to care for patients’ physical health, but also their mental health needs.

Maryan is proud to work at Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers, where the mission, vision and values are visible through the everyday actions of staff who are dedicated to serve the patient population and the community as whole.

“My approach to care is that it is not just a room number or medical condition, but an individual that requires and deserves respect, as well as individualized attention and care. As a Nicaraguan, a minority and someone that as a child lacked basic medical needs, I want my patients to not only have access to medical care, but also have the same opportunities, services and resources available to others without barriers”