medicalcollageAt Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers we employ fully licensed and board certified doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and certified nurse – midwives.  With a multi-cultural, bilingual staff we pride ourselves on offering high quality, family-based, compassionate care to more than 36,000 individuals each year.

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Medical Director: Pam Wilson, MD

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Featured Provider

Dr. Marcos De La Cruz, Pediatrician


Dr. Marcos De La Cruz has been a pediatrician at Sixteenth Street for 9 years. He loves coming to work every day and enjoys working with his colleagues and team.

Dr. De La Cruz sees every patient as a unique individual and understands that each person may come with their own challenges. He always wants the family to leave the clinic with a clear understanding of their diagnosis and most of all, to feel that they have received the care they were seeking.

Dr. De La Cruz finds his work at Sixteenth to be very special – especially when he is able to see his patients grow up – he now has 9-year-old patients that he has seen since birth!

“I do feel that my work makes a difference in my patient population in a positive way.”