No Gym? No problem | Stay fit no matter where you are

The gym isn’t for everyone. Some of us can’t – or don’t want – to spend money on a membership. Some of us don’t like being inside. And sometimes it’s just too darn intimidating. That’s ok. A gym membership is not a requirement for a healthy lifestyle. There are plenty of fun ways you can stay fit no matter where you are.

YouTube can be your class instructor

If you like yoga, barre, Pilates, Zumba or any similar classes, but want to do them in comfort of your own home, or even take advantage while your baby is napping – YouTube has a number of free resources that you can use. Prop up your phone or computer on a table, or connect either to your TV for larger viewing. The Huffington Post offers their top 20 channel picks in an article, some of which include TONIC, Body Positive Yoga, BeFIT, Extreme Fitness and more!

Bust a move with your family

Put the fun back in exercise by dancing at home with your family. Not only is it a great workout, but it brings the joy back into exercising. Take note of free local concerts in the area where you can get some fresh air and enjoy music and dancing together.

Commercials are your cue to move

While watching TV as a family during the evenings, make it a tradition that everyone get up and do an exercise while commercials are on. It could be jumping jacks, sit ups, squats, laps around the dining room table – anything that’ll get you moving!

Stairs over elevators

While at work or out of the house, always chose the stairs over the elevator (if it’s a reasonable amount of stairs). You can even work stairs into your normal routine at work. Consider going up and down the stairs three times every day before you eat lunch.

Get those steps in

Even if you don’t have a step counter, walk whenever you can! Get up during the day to take a lap around the office. Take 20 minutes of your lunch break to walk with a friend. Take two laps around your company building before going in. Walk, walk, walk!

Exercising doesn’t have to be in a gym and it doesn’t have to be hyper-regulated. Start small and keep adding more and more as you and your family begin to feel stronger. Any free minute can be turned into a healthy minute!

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