Annual Celebrity Roast Event

A one-of-a-kind signature special event that honors and pokes fun at our community’s most elite corporate, civic, sport and philanthropic leaders!

Keep your eyes peeled for 2016’s Event!

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2015 Celebrity Roast – Honoree Jon Hammes

Our 2015 Celebrity Roast was the biggest and most successful do date!  A sincere THANK YOU to honoree Jon Hammes, our star roasters Chris Doerr, Ted Kellner, Steve Laughlin and Bill Nasgovtiz and all of our wonderful guests!

We were able to raise over $190,000, all of which directly supports the programs and services of Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers.

Highlights from the 2015 event…

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 Previous Events

1994: US Congressman Jerry Kleczka 2003: Governor Jim Doyle
1996: US Senator Herb Kohl 2004: Terry Porter, Milwaukee Bucks
1997: ’67 vs ’97 Green Bay Packers 2005: T. Michael Bolger, Medical College of WI
1998: Sports Legends: Oscar Robertson, Jim Gantner, Herb Adderly and Karen Bye 2006: Ed Howe, Aurora Healthcare
1999: George Karl, Milwaukee Bucks 2007: Harold Gus Frank, Forest County Potawatomi
2000: Wendy Selig-Prieb, Milwaukee Bucks 2008: Commissioner Allan Bud Selig
2001: US Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson 2011: Steve H. Marcus, Marcus Corp Chairman
2002: Gary Grunau, Gilbane Building Company 2012: Mayor Tom Barrett, City of Milwaukee

Contact Information:

For additional information on event sponsorship opportunities, corporate tables and individual tickets contact:

Cindy Kazan, VP of Advancement

Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers
1032 S. Cesar E. Chavez Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53204

Phone: 414-897-5161