Sustainable Community Development

The Department of Environmental Health’s Sustainable Development program was created to respond to complex economic, environmental and socio-political factors that contribute to poor health and decreased quality of life for Milwaukee’s south side residents.To help advance new economic development in Milwaukee’s urban core, the Department of Environmental Health led the development of a vision for a revitalized Menomonee River Valley, Milwaukee’s historic industrial sector that forms the northern boundary of our agency’s service delivery area.

That vision is now becoming a reality with the creation of family supporting jobs accessible to nearby families, new park space and safe recreational opportunities that will support a more active community, and a reclaimed Menomonee River.  (A summary document describing the National Design Competition for Milwaukee’s Menomonee River Valley held in 2002 is located on the Publications for Download section of this website.)Details on new development can be found by contacting Menomonee Valley Partners, Inc., a nonprofit organization created in 1999 with the assistance of Sixteenth Street’s Department of Environmental Health.

The Department is taking the expertise it gained through its experience in the Menomonee Valley and using it to address another of our region’s major rivers, the Kinnickinnic River or KK.  An Action Plan for the Kinnickinnic River Corridor has been developed, which identifies a series of key priorities for revitalizing and rehabilitating the river corridor from an environmental, economic and community health perspective.

The Department is currently working with its partners to implement a series of projects that will help address these priorities, which will help strengthen this portion of the agency’s service area and improve the health and well being of the families that live along the KK River.