Medical Care and Treatment

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Team Based Care

Sixteenth Street physicians aim to meet as many of the needs of the patient as possible within the setting of the Sixteenth Street Health Center in a manner that is most comfortable and effective for the patient.  Patients are serviced by a multidisciplinary team including their HIV Provider, Behavioral Health Provider, Infectious Disease Specialist and Medical Case Management. In addition to working with their HIV provider at 16th Street, each patient meets with an Infectious Disease Specialist yearly who sees patients side by side with their HIV Provider.

Medical HIV case managers play a pivotal role assisting patients in the management HIV, working to remove barriers and assist patients in achieving wellness and well being. Our services involve both coordinating medical care for patients as well as assisting patients with non-medical issues such as housing needs, insurance, food access, etc. Case Manager are integrated oftentimes in both their medical appointments, community based appointments and have an open door for patients to discuss life stressors. Case managers help our patients learn about, access and link to other medical, social, community, legal, and financial services in our community and work to provide an empowering support system alike no other.

Non medical case managers give advice and assistance in obtaining medical, social, community, legal, financial, and other much needed services. Their services do not involve coordination and follow-up of medical treatments.

Sixteenth Street HIV services are housed in the patients’ Medical Home and therefore keep patients integrated and engaged in care rather than testing a persons with HIV/AIDS and then send them elsewhere.  As their medical home we treat our patients with the utmost expertise and compassion by a team of dedicated individuals.

HIV testing and counseling is FREE, CONFIDENTIAL and available Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-5:00 pm.

Contact Information:

HIV Case Manager direct line: (414) 897-5584

Chavez Location
1032 S. Cesar E. Chavez Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53204

Parkway Location
2906 S. 20th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53215

HIV Outreach Center:

Specific Information regarding HIV or Testing: (414) 897-5645

Lower Level
Greenfield Location
1337 S. Cesar E. Chavez Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53204