Latinos por la Salud

Community Advocacy that develops leaders and transforms neighborhoods.

The MISSION of Latinos por la Salud is to create and maintain a healthy community, expanding education and advocating for access to healthy food and safe physical activity.

Formed by Healthy Choices Program graduates, Latinos por la Salud (LPLS) was developed with the goal to empower grassroots leaders and expand the health education and advocacy at the community level.

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Since 2012, LPLS has touched thousands of lives in the neighborhood through their different community initiatives:

Increasing Physical Activity

 physical activity LPLS organizes and hosts walking, exercise and bicycle clubs for the whole family during the summer.

See the 2016 Southside Bicycle Club schedule.

See the 2016 Walking Club schedule.

For times and schedules please see the updated FLYERS or contact Esperanza Magaña at (414) 385-3367

Co-Organizing Sixteenth Street Southside Bicycle Day

  • As one of the largest community events in the near Southside of Milwaukee, the Annual Southside Bicycle Day keeps growing in participation and impact year after year, reporting over 800 attendees in 2015
  • The 5th Southside Bicycle Day will take place on June 18, 2016 at Kosciusko Park

For more information contact Esperanza Magaña at 414-385-3367 or follow the link to Southside Bicycle Day.

Increasing Nutrition and Cooking Education in the Neighborhood

  • For several years, LPLS members have been offering nutrition and cooking education to hundreds of parents through the classes at schools and churches

For more information about this work, see Latino School Initiative and/or contact Tatiana Maida at 414-385-3784

Increasing Access to Healthy Food

  • Besides expanding health education, LPLS and HC are committed to actually advocate for concrete improvements in the food environment in the near Southside of Milwaukee. As part of this effort, in 2012 we launched the Healthy Grocery Store Campaign with the goal of working with local grocery store owners to increase the number of healthy food items available for customers
  • This campaign was extremely successful thanks to the commitment of Pete’s Fruit Market and El Rey Supermarket to improve the health and food options for the community
  • Latinos por la Salud and Healthy Choices Staff lead this effort with the support of the Southside EAT Coalition (formed by several organizations, such as CORE/El Centro, UW-Cooperative Extension and the Center for Urban Population and Health).
  • The campaign included a strong marketing component (posters, promotional flyers, recipes and videos) and a lot of education for customers through food demonstrations


Chavez Location
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1032 S. Cesar E. Chavez Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53204

Phone number:

Contact Delia Gast for more information:

(414) 897-5293 or


 “It has been a great experience to be part of Latinos por la Salud and be able to work on a project so important that can improve the quality of life for people, better the eating behaviors in the neighborhood and provide better options for physical activity for all.  Latinos have high rates of obesity as well as other illnesses.  I couldn’t ignore the call to work against this sad reality” – Martha Cuenca

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