Healthy Choices Bilingual Model | A Family Approach to Fight Obesity

“Every day millions of adults and children suffer the life-threatening effects of obesity, even more so those living in low-income communities of color. While environmental changes and community-based policies are critical to reverse this epidemic, education will always be essential to empower individuals and families to do their part by making healthier choices every day. Our model will help organizations and groups to inspire change within their own circles and together we can recreate a culture of healthy living in our whole community.”

Tatiana Maida, Healthy Choices Department Manager

Healthy Choices is a proven family-based obesity prevention and intervention program helping adults and children increase their knowledge of nutrition and physical activity. But most importantly, it inspires and empowers them to make better choices every day. While it is traditionally a 12-week comprehensive program, it can be adjusted to fit any time frame, target group or topic-specific focus.

Unique Family-Based Model

Healthy Choices is one of the only family programs in the country that works with the whole family, but splits the majority of the educational sessions into four separate age groups; adults, teens and two groups of children. By doing so, each family member receives the same information, but in a format appropriate to their age and language of preference. This approach has shown to be more effective with weight loss and behavioral changes, as well as to increase family support and closeness.

Resources for Easy Implementation

The traditionally 12-week bilingual model offers hands-on education, tools and resources needed to make positive and lasting changes around nutrition, physical activity, stress management and healthy cooking. If 12 weeks doesn’t work for you, or you want to focus on one specific topic or session, we can tailor the program to fit your needs. The resources provided in the training and toolkit are designed to be implemented with any time frame or topic focus.

Some Past Outcomes


33% children

Lost weight


61% children

Increased vegetable consumption

78% adults

63% children

 Increased physical activity


Reported increased family connection

Bring the Healthy Choices Program to your Organization

The Healthy Choices curriculum can be easily adjusted to any community and its needs. Its success is not restricted to any specific culture or time frame. Through individualized in-person training and the Healthy Choices tool-kit, your organization will have all the resources, preparation and support you need to create sustainable health change in the lives of your participants.

For more information on how you can bring the Healthy Choices Program to your organization contact:

Tatiana Maida
414 897 5187