Go to a Sixteenth Street partner pharmacy and help your community!

Did you know that you can help support Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers just by choosing which pharmacy to use for your prescriptions? Sixteenth Street participates in a government medication discount program that was created to help us better meet our mission of providing the best quality health care for anyone who comes through our doors, regardless of their ability to pay.

Sixteenth Street has several partner pharmacies through this program who have joined us in making sure our patients can get affordable medication. They work closely with the clinic to continually improve the care we provide to our patients and the rest of our incredible community.

If a patient comes to Sixteenth Street for their healthcare and has their prescriptions filled at one of our partner pharmacies, Sixteenth Street can receive medication savings from the pharmaceutical companies who make the medications. Sixteenth Street uses these savings to:

  • Improve and expand the care we can provide for our community, so we can help more people
  • Help make sure that people without insurance or who have insurance plans with high copays can still access life-saving medications.

Sixteenth Street’s partner pharmacies include:

1) Aurora Pharmacy at the SSCHC Parkway location on 20th Street

2) AltScripts Specialty Pharmacy on Miller Park Way

3) Many Walgreen’s Pharmacies in our area

4) AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin Specialty Pharmacy

If you would like to help support Sixteenth Street by choosing to use one of our partner pharmacies, please let your care team know at your next appointment!

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