John Bartkowski, DrPH has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers since 1990.  During that time the agency has grown from a neighborhood health and nutrition site to a full service health care organization with five service locations.  Sixteenth Street provides primary medical care, behavioral health services, chronic disease management, HIV outreach, prevention and treatment, physical therapy and supportive social services and health education.  Sixteenth Street is known for its innovative environmental health programming and for its advocacy for access to health care and public health issues.

Dr. Bartkowski received his Doctor of Public Health from the University of Illinois – Chicago and holds a Master of Science in Community Health Nursing and BA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Board of Directors 

As a Community Health Center, Sixteenth Street is required to have half of the members of the Board of Directors be users of the services of the Center. At each monthly Board meeting, the insights of the consumer members provide valuable perspective on the importance of maintaining the highest quality of care. Other Board members are asked to serve because of their relationship with private sector entities or community organizations that relate to the work that we do.

All of our Board members serve as volunteers and these contributions have been made without compensation.  We are deeply grateful. Thank you .

Rick Walters, President
Wells Fargo Advisors

Tom Gazzana, Vice President
Health Care Administration/Insurance – Ret’d.

Laura J. Arnow CPA, Treasurer
Arnow & Associates

Levi Sosa, Secretary
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Lauren Lopez
Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corp.

Wayne Heidenreich, M.D.
Immediate Past President
Northwestern Mutual

Kathy Hein
Les Aspin Center for Government
Marquette University

Steven K. Kulick, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
ProHealth Care, Inc.

Teresa C. Mercado
Mexican Fiesta/WHSF

Ellen K. Murphy
UWM College of Nursing

Juan Ruiz
United Community Center

Suzanne Sanicola
Columbia St. Mary’s

Dr. Jeffrey Stearns
Aurora Sinai Medical Center

Galo I. Vargas
S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.