Colorectal Cancer Screening – now it’s easier than ever!

Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cancer killer in the United States among Hispanics. But do you know what? It doesn’t have to be! So, I’m going to give you a quick snapshot of everything you need to know about colorectal cancer screening, so you can get screened, stay ahead of colorectal cancer and be around for many years to enjoy your family friends!

It’s preventable!

Colorectal cancer doesn’t have to be deadly! It can be prevented or found at an early stage. Colorectal cancer starts with a polyp in the large intestine. Polyps are very common in people age 50 and older, but they can be detected and removed before they turn into cancer through screening.

EVERYONE over 50 years should be screened

Absolutely everyone over 50 years should be screened yearly! Yes, this means you!

  • Both men and women are at equally at risk
  • Even if you are healthy, with no symptoms, you are still at risk. Many times, we don’t feel sick or notice any symptoms, so testing when we feel healthy is just as important
  • Even if there is no history of colorectal cancer in your family, you are still at risk. It does not have to run in your family for you to be affected

If you are over 50, talk to your doctor about getting screened and your risk. It’s the best way to stay safe and avoid a serious diagnosis.

FIT tests make screening easy, convenient and private

You can do a colorectal screening test in the privacy of your own home, when it is right for you. FIT tests are a take home test that you do at home, and either take or send back to your doctor when you’re done. You don’t have to go to a hospital or do an invasive test, just take a stool sample at home. Ask your doctor or medical assistant, and he or she can give you a FIT test at your next visit. When you go in for your flu shot, the medical assistant can give you a test right then – no need to even see a doctor! It’s that easy!

Your family needs you!

You are so important to your family, don’t let them down! Stop procrastinating and get screened for cancer today – it could save your life!

Talk with your doctor today about colorectal cancer screening and make sure you are taking these quick, easy steps to protect yourself and your family.

Authored by: Dr. Elizabeth Pyne, Sixteenth Street Family Practice Physician

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