In an effort to best serve our patients and make all services available, over the years we have developed invaluable relationships with various organizations.  These relationships make it possible to give our patients the treatment they need even if we can’t provide it within our walls.  An overwhelming thank you to all of our loyal partnerships throughout the community.

The Milwaukee Health Care Partnership

Sixteenth Street is a proud member of the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership, “a public/private consortium dedicated to improving health care for low income, underserved populations in Milwaukee County, with the aim of improving health outcomes, reducing disparities and lowering the total cost of care.”

Hospital Partnerships 

Columbia St. Mary’s

Since 1975, Sixteenth Street has worked in partnership with Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital (CSM) in Milwaukee to be able to provide comprehensive care for our patients.  A wonderful example of this partnership is the OB Contract Program, whereby uninsured pregnant women are able to contract with Sixteenth Street for prenatal care at Sixteenth Street and delivery at CSM. Sixteenth Street’s certified nurse midwives perform most of these deliveries at CSM in conjunction with CSM/Medical College of Wisconsin residency program, keeping costs down and providing the residents with the exposure to midwife assisted natural births.  CSM also provides volunteer leadership and expertise with a staff member serving on our Board of Directors.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Children’s Hospital is the other major hospital affiliation in Milwaukee for Sixteenth Street providers.  Excellent hospital care needs to be supported by quality primary medical care before as well as after a hospital visit.  Children’s relies on Sixteenth Street pediatric staff to handle complicated cases and to coordinate services, especially for mono-lingual Spanish speaking families.  Sixteenth Street looks to the expertise and state of the art technologies available at Children’s to be able to provide our patients with the best care modern medicine can offer.

ProHealth Care

The Waukesha Community Health Center was founded with the assistance of the Waukesha Memorial Hospital Foundation and ProHealth Care in Waukesha.  Waukesha Memorial Hospital continues as our hospital partner for patients in Waukesha County.  The hospital administers the discounted pharmacy program for our patients who qualify and is our major referral source for specialty care.  A representative from ProHealth Care serves on Sixteenth Street’s governing Board of Directors.

Froedtert Health & the Medical College of Wisconsin

In an effort to extend health care services to medically underserved people and improve the health of residents in the communities we serve, Froedtert Health & the Medical College of Wisconsin donated $12 million to Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers to establish a new clinic on the near south side, accessible to Milwaukee’s low-income neighborhoods. Froedtert Health and MCW have funded the site and the facility and  Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers will operate the clinic.  Froedtert & MCW will also provide specialty care, cancer prevention education, and cancer clinical trials access through MCW and the academic medical center. Collaboration with the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership was an essential component of this initiative.  We expect to open our doors at the new site in 2019 – stay tuned!

Specialty Care Volunteer Services 

GI Associates

Offers care to all of our uninsured GI referrals.

Aurora Health Care

Carries out all of the retinal scan readings for our patients that are uninsured and diabetic.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Dental Clinic

Provides care to our uninsured patients with dental emergencies.

Dr. Jane Collis Greers

Dr. Kathryn Sarnoski

Academic Partnerships

University of Wisconsin – Madison | TRIUMPH program